Nuclear Instrument Modular synthesizer

Ongoing since 2017

My modular synthesizer project is an hybrid hosting modules created by myself from scratch. There are also Yusynth, CSG, NonLinearCircuit and others designs, most of them printed and assembled by myself. Some modules are directly taken from old CERN accelerator control and instrumentation NIM standards the signal levels have been adapted to work here.


The rack host 8 crates based on the Nuclear Instrument Modules standard. This modular format as been extensively used at CERN since the sixties. These old crates from the CERN dump have been recycled to be used as musical instrument. The power supply +15V -15V and +7.5V are placed on top of the column and distribute power in all crates. Meters are present to monitor the current consumption on each power line. An 8 channel analog to digital converter is embedded in that rack allowing to use ADAT optical cable to record the synth outputs. A patch bay and two digital oscilloscope are also présent.